Industrial Spray Painting in Adelaide

What We Do


- Powder Coating in Adelaide 

- Metal Prep Work

- 4 Stage Alum Pre-Treatment

- Aluminium Chromating

- Steel Prime Under Coat

- Powder Coat and Oven Cure

- Quality Check and Inspection

- Wrapping and Packing

Who We Service


- Architectural services

- Commercial building

- Private residential

- Automotive industry 

- Metal suppliers 

- Customers that need powder coating in
 Adelaide / South Australia 

Durable, Protective & Cost Effective!

4 stage process to promote adhesion and prevent corrosion.
Coating System
Using quality powdercoat suppliers and hi-tech oven and spray equipment.
Finish Touch.
Quality check and inspection. Wrapping and packing for transport.
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or a quote and lead time for a job.

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